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  • Turning the compliance page in Brazil

    • Daniel Feffer
    • Global Trade & Business
    • 06/02/18

    ICC Brasil had the honor of hosting a meeting between the FBI and the Brazilian private sector on February 6th, to discuss compliance best practices. Corruption scandals have become almost daily headlines in Brazil, eclipsing ... Read more

  • Brazil and the Uncitral Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvecy

    • Allen Moreland
    • Global Trade & Business
    • 06/07/17

    It is widely agreed that Brazil needs to implement a range of major structural reforms in order to put its economy on a path of sustained growth.  Commentators have focused on Brazil´s convoluted tax code, ... Read more

  • O triplo desafio da economia brasileira

    • Gabriel Petrus
    • Global Trade & Business
    • 07/12/16

    Não foi apenas o PIB. Nesta semana, o ranking Enabling Trade Index  – que avalia em que medida as economias de mercado tem promovido o livre comércio – revelou que o Brasil caiu 13 posições em relação ao ... Read more

  • A ICC Brasil e os desafios da Economia Digital

    • Thiago Luís Sombra
    • Global Trade & Business
    • 22/11/16

    A ICC Brasil e em especial a Comissão Global de Economia Digital tem empreendido esforços para fomentar o debate em torno dos aspectos regulatórios e de governança da internet, dos serviços disruptivos e das plataformas ... Read more

  • Talking Up Trade in an Election Year

    • Peter Robinson (Estados Unidos)
    • Global Trade & Business
    • 22/04/16

    The presidential candidates are distorting the facts about trade and jobs. We all need to push back. De Peter M. Robinson, Diretor-Presidente do United States Council for International Business (ICC Estados Unidos). To hear many ... Read more